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Our Professional Medical Team of RNs, Our Vita-Lounges are an effective and clinically proven methods in reaching effective outcomes through IV therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) . With the use of Noni formulations, the IV therapy can deliver nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and trace minerals directly through the veins, into your bloodstream. As a result, making them promptly available for the body utilization for optimal benefits. With PRP you will find effective results with joint/muscular pain, hair growth / volume and ski rejuvenation. Our Noni Formulation IV therapy Drips may be advantageous for those who require high doses of nutrients to treat their health issues

IV Drips - Noni Formulations

Our patented compounded Noni-Formulations contain natural ingredients specifically for your health goals and/or concerns.


Message from our CEO : The person behind Noni who had this as a nickname as a child . To her this represents, youth, energy, vitality and resiliency.  

“As a child and teenager, I remember having endless levels of energy, endurance, strength and unmarkable stamina. There was this ability to have increased immunity functions, tolerance, and elevated endurance with nothing holding back. As we go through our cycle of life and the aging process this all gets impacted. If I could capture my youth in a bottle, I would call it Noni!”


In collaboration with a compound pharmacy, we have created Noni formulations for our Vita-lounge cocktails as follows:

  • Vita-Energy – (support chronic fatigue)
  • Vita-Purity (antioxidant and improves blood flow)
  • Vita-Glow (Glutathione and Vitamin C)
  • Vita-Endurance (Sports & fitness, muscle cramp reduction)
  • Vita-Detox (Anti-aging and immunity support)
  • Vita-Vivacious (improve mood, relaxation)
  • Vita-Burn (adjunct a weight loss program)
  • Vita-Hydration (replenish Lytes and vitamins)
  • Vita-Ingenuity (reduce brain fog and impact cognitive functions)
  • Vita-Ecstasy (impact mood and affect libido)

Vita-Drip Cocktails


  • Treat torn tendons, tendinitis 
  • Heal damage to ligaments
  • Heal joints Knee/ shoulder pains and rotator cuff
  • Treat muscle injuries
  • Minimize arthritis-related pain
  • Heal sports injury 
  • Heal wounds 
  • Heal acne scars Skin rejuvenation 
  • Prevent/treat hair loss, alopecia 

  • Wellness Treatment
  • Hydrating treatment
  • Glutathione treatment for skin
    whitening (Vitamin C extra charges)
  • Calorie Burn Treatment

IV Drip Therapy

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